Restauration prices

Restorations : for cost estimate, the price made after watch the poster

The restoration consist of paper and coulours remplacement,is a collaboration between supplier and customers.

It can vary between minimal restoration to very make perfect,I'm pefere the second soution.

There are lot of posibilities in the field provided that print to restore are expensiveit is a long work.

For difficult restoration,print must havea quoted than 3000€.

For little marks and easy restorations,the cost is not highter than a linen backing price.

Two technics:


1) Manual technic:

The various marks are filled with pieces of papers with similar colors of prints.

Bush and pencils are used to paint.

The restoration can be seen with a trained eyes and the print keepit artistic integrity.

2) Airbush technic:

Marks are filled pieces of papers and with painter an aerograph.

This techniclook like perfectly aplats of colours ,graduation and drizzle paints 

Matérials used;

Glue;water solube with anti fungus .

coton cloth :0.36 ib per meter

paper acid free : 0.27ib per meter

water colors solube.

Very important :all work are reversible ,the linen backing ,the paper restoration and colors restoration.

For the bleaching and the déacidification ,this works are definitive.




linen backing prices

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